Excellent Ceilidh band based in North West England.
A Barn Dance Band will provide great entertainment for your wedding party.
The Ceilidh Band uses a variety of instruments such as accordion, acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin and bouzouki
Your wedding guests will be entertained by a series of dances including Strip The Willow, Gay Gordons, Dance, Hoe Down, Square Dance, and Step Dance. The Band will play a Reel, Jig, Waltz, Slow Air, Strathspey, or Country Dance to suit your requirements. Ceilidhs can also be a good Fund Raiser.

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The Flaxmere Ceilidh Band features highly experienced and versatile musicians, we are based in Cheshire and will travel to events and functions throughout North West England and North Wales.

On this website you will find all the information you need to make an informed choice on the ceilidh band you want for that special wedding day, ceilidh or barn dance, family celebration, corporate event or fund raising activity. We enjoy what we do and we will provide you with the sort of professional entertainment that has led to many repeat bookings over the years.


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Flaxmere Ceilidh Band FAQ's

You can do the Strip The Willow, and Gay Gordons,  or dance at a Hoe Down or Square Dance. You might want to Step Dance to a Reel, Jig, Waltz, Slow Air,or Strathspey. A Country Dance is sometimes called a Hop. A ceilidh band gig features UK based entertainers who will provide excellent entertainment. This can be a Corporate Event provided through an Entertainment Agency. Agencies can also provide a disco for a Family Celebration, Birthday or Fund Raiser. Weddings are important days and your Wedding is the most important thing to you and your Wedding Party. Wedding Entertainment can be tricky but good Wedding Music includes dances such as Strip The Willow and the Gay Gordons.  The Band arrived at the Gig as Entertainers providing Entertainment for a Corporate Function. The Entertainment Agency had booked a Disco and a barn dance band. The Family had a fantastic Celebration for the bride's Birthday, it was not a Fund Raiser Celtic Music from Scotland, North Wales and Ireland can also be found in Cheshire and Shropshire as well as Lancashire and most of North West England. A Private Function, Party, or corporate Event is trhe best place to hear a ceilidh band using a Fiddle, Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, and Mandolin playing live music in sessions. Sometimes these will be on St Patricks night or Burns Night. English Dance has a long tradition and Celtic Music figures highly in its influences. Celtic dances can be provided at a Private Function or Party. For larger events, the ceilidh band uses Fiddle, Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, and Bouzouki. A Piano is like a horizontal Piano Accordion. A barn dance band will know a Piper and Caller. Other Musicians and Professionals sometimes help out the Group with Live Music on St Patricks night or Burns Night. Corporate Entertainment is a good gig for a ceilidh band. Barn dance bands generally use an Entertainment Agency for bookings. A Disco is also good for a Family Celebration. Birthday celebrations are regular features of a dance band's work. Sometimes the gig will be a Fund Raiser Most people like the Strip The Willow dance or the Gay Gordons. A Dance is a social event somtimes called a Hoe Down or Square Dance. Either way you can Step Dance to a Reel or Jig or be more leisurely with a Waltz, A Ceilidh Band likes performing live Band. The Caley or Caylee is sometimes known as Ceili in Scottish music. In Irish, English, and Welsh usage it can be a barn dance. add keywords here add keywords here add keywords here A ceilidh or barn dance can be found throughout North West England, particularly around Manchester and Liverpool and in Cheshire on most weekends.

A Ceilidh or barn dance is great for corporate and business events
Barn dances in Cheshire, Shropshire, the UK and London are very popular with ceilidh bands
  A Barn Dance will be held in Liverpool, Warrington, Lancashire, North Wales, Shropshire, and the Midlands on a regular basis.